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20 business you can start with little capital as low as 10000 Naira


Jun 19, 2020 9:12PM

1.) Bedsheet business

Pay a visit to the island or oshodi where they sell bulk bedsheet materials in bulk, pick good designs, the guys there will the materials for you within few minutes

You can start this business with 5k

2.)Cakes and confectionery

This is one business comes to play cos people celebrate and bakers are always consulted. Get the required skills, it won’t take time to learn

3.) Thrift business aka (Okrika)

Fairly used goods such as jeans , T-shirt, shoes , bag etc. They could be sourced at badagry, super and likes… 20k can get you bale of cloth

4.) Popcorn

There’s this woman I buy popcorn from at odo eran bus stop, I buy simply because she makes her popcorn so nice… you need to see the way crowd gather her

All you need is a bag of corn ,nylon, sugar, salt and butter, you can even add milk to create your own special way of making popcorn

5.) Home cooking and delivery

I see a lot of talented babes on my contact here that cook so well y’all know yourself but won’t mention names

You can cook a variety of meals and apply customer service, people will pay good money for your services, you can run this from home All you need is a good marketing skills

6.) Dried Ponmo Business

I know a friend that just started this business and she’s making her cool cash from it .

all you just need is idea and link


7.) Jewelrys Business

This business will give you at least 100 percent turnover, you can source for it both local and international

If you are interested in the business you can always holla at me

8.) Branding – sales and customizing

With a lot of SME’s ready to pay 💰 for customize bags, nylon and all, customization can never go out of vogue

Get the acquired skills and market yourself. You are GOOD to go

9.) Mini importation

Almost everyone is into mini importation, simply because there are so many valuable product you can import and make good profit….. Research well

10.) E. Payments and POs business.

You can get a POS machine from your bank or Opay activated online banking.

If you stay in a place where banks are not really that much you can handle E.Payments for people and make your small change, you can also add petty business like dstv, gotv subscription, recharge cards and all. Little drops makes a ocean

11.) Barbing/ Hairdressing

This is another profitable small scale business. The beautiful thing about this business is that you bring your services to clients for an extra token above regular.

The starting capital is to get the equipment and skills

12.) Cleaning Services:-

some people find it so hard to clean their apartment not because they are lazy but because they are busy from Monday to Friday and on Saturday they have lots of engagement on their todo list

The instrument to start this business won’t cost you more than 10k

13.) Underwear Business

All you need to do to first start the business is to go on the island and look for wholesalers that sell Bra , pant, singlet, boxers, briefs, Night gown, pantyhose, lingeries and all sorts in cheaper price then when are now like a guru in the business you can now go through Ali express and the likes

14.) Mobile and Electronic Accessories

Such as pouches, charger, usb cable, HDMI cable, earphone, Bluetooth speaker and lots more, can be sourced on Alibaba, Ali express, Deal Extreme etc The more you buy the lower the cost of shipping cos they are lite weight products…. you can sell online and offline

15.) Digital Marketing:-

The success of any business is in the ability to effectively reach the teeming customers and this is achieved by effective marketing

Get a laptop , a phone and a good internet connection, Get trained and help people manage their social media account

16.). Farming

Poultry in Nigeria is even more popular due to Its relatively cheap cost of start up and if you market your products well people, your business will thrive, this is. Business you can start if you have a big compound

17.) Round neck top

You get round neck top, customize them or put appliqué on it

Lobatan Business af start

18.) Aso Oke stoning and Beading

Aso oke stoning and beading is something that is in vogue now and that is another sweet business one can start with

You just have to learn how to bead and unlock your creative mind

20.) Tutorial Classes

No matter your age,this is another well paying job, either as part time or full time

Many families are willing to spend what it takes for their children’s success

2-3hours you will still make your money

Ask questions in the comment section and don’t forget to share. Friends and family need this.