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A poem; the spark of love


My heart beats less when you’re not around, I see no end to a life without substance And the worth of living is inherently absent; as the spark to which I yearn to fulfill the life I desire is in no distance invisible!…

Invisibility is diguise to mask the pain that humans suffer, a life well lived a soul well lost, into a pit of dispair I dive while my hopes and dreams remain alive.Daily I live with you in my heart definitely awaiting my fall to the space “Utopia“ where with only you I have a thousand and one times the universe just to explore and make wishes that I earnestly wish will come true through the sad thoughts,broken days and empty emotions I fill only when I feel you . Ps : I’m always in utopia because that’s the only place I really feel u with no dilution ... Your love is an island I cant seem to escape the prophecy of destiny that always bears fruit and seeds of the time we spend to together grows ever bountiful, the stormy weathers surface and tear it all down but alas there remains hope for the sun always shines again, as we lay in this utopia where everything make sense we believe in a future where we can be “ONE”…Not just “one” but the “one true one”.

I gave up on my thoughts for they keep bringing concealed feelings kept in between my mind and words escape my tongue each time I try to pronounce a feeling . I just wish u spend 3 seconds in my head and know what’s trying to come out but keeps escaping…Escape into a world where everything is easier and all we need is each other, where trees need love to grow instead of water and a diverse way of thinking is seen as a blessing and not a curse. I wish I read minds to know for sure if I was welcome but only time can tell for certain… And with these words u deposited in my mind.If love was made of love, books won’t contain…I love you!

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