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African heroes had survived?


I couldn’t sleep last night. Had a lot on my mind. I counted 1 to 70 in reverse, that didn’t bring me any close to sleep. Then I thought about setting my imagination free. Nothing came to mind aside history. So I thought of history in reverse. I told myself, action or inaction creates a ripple. It takes one man to change the face of the world, just like Gabbrilo Princip did. So I started from there.

Had Gabbrilo Princip kept a cool head with his nationalism in check, there would not have been a need to pull the trigger on Franz Ferdinand and his wife.

Had Franz Ferdinand lived, Austro-Hungarian Bosnia and Herzegovina wouldn’t have been so confrontational in a manner that riled up both sides allies. Which means there would not have been World War I to be fought.

If there was no World War I, Hitler would have remained in Austria and not join the German Army. Most importantly there would be no Treaty of Versailles to be made or broken. Maybe Hitler might have spent his life perfecting his painting skills and maybe become something close to Michelangelo.

Had Hitler gone down in history as a devoted painter, Third Reich would not have emerged. No third Reich, no World War II.

If there was no World War II, Japanese Jet fighter would have no business attacking Pearl Habour. No attack on Pearl Harbor, means Franklin D. Roosevelt not announcing going to war, and not going to war means no need for massive arm manufacturing in the United States. No arms manufacturing on a large scale means no jobs to take United State economy out of Great Depression sooner. With Great Depression pounding on United States, there would be no industrial revolution and certainly no Manhattan project.

No Manhattan project, no Fat Man and Little Boy atomic bombs dropping on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No atomic bombs, no world power for the USA.

No world power for USA, there would be no Al Qedea, Isis and no death for Gaddafi, Patric Lumumba, Thomas Sankara and the rest.

If these African heroes had survived, there would have been another chain of reaction that would have led to a better Africa. A better Africa means a broke Europe and hungry United States.

That was the last thing I remembered be dozing off. It worked!

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