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Aged Father Died In Police Custody Over Son’s Crime in Ibadan


We just received another sad report through FlagIt App. Mr. Kehinde Omotosho, Alias Akéde, a Trader at Gbagi Market, Ibadan, Oyo State, was in his house on Wednesday. Nigerian Police Officers from Iyaganku came to his house to effect arrest of his Son, Kabiru. He was said to have been involved in a fight.

The Son was not at home.


The Police arrested the father in lieu of the Son. This is called hostage arrest. They drove him to State CID, Iyaganku. They also took with him Kabiru’s Brother, called Jelili.

Mr. Omotosho was kept since last Wednesday till yesterday. (7days)

He was not charged to Court and neither were his relatives allowed to see him.


Between yesterday night and today, Mr. Kehinde Omotosho died in Police Cell.


The family Representative of the Late Mr. Omotosho, while speaking with me said these words, “The Nigerian Police has killed our family member. We are only cheated because we are not educated and because we don’t know anybody”…

In Nigeria of 2020, this shouldn’t be the case.


Through Police brutality, Mr. Omotosho has been wasted and left behind a 95 year old woman. The relatives don’t know how to break this news to her yet.


Nigerian Police Authority is being put on notice that this matter shall not be swept under the carpet. We shall demand justice for the bereaved and his family!


Here’s Mr. Omotosho’s picture.