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Are you for GOD or for your pulpit Idols❓



Though I’ve already posted several times on this topic and shown my disgust for what’s happening in the church as well as how many Nigerian Christians often react whenever there is a doctrinal issue with any christian cleric, I still wish to say some important things here.


I took out time to acquire all the videos available on the recent conflicts, the one of Freeze to Oyedepo, the disgusting and disgraceful one filled with bile and untruths from Ibiyeomie to Freeze and the 10 minutes response video from the usually boldacious Freeze but calmly delivered to the public and Ibiyeomie. I watched them all several times and drew my final conclusion. Let’s meet the players.


🌪️#FREEZE: Ifedayo Olarinde AKA Daddy Freeze, son to parents who are both professors in Nigeria, he happens to be the controversial Nigerian broadcaster turn pastor and leader of the ‘Free The Sheeple’ movement and church, a multiple award winner home and abroad, globally recognized and highly influential, he is undeniably a Bible scholar and has been able to single handedly shift the perspective on doctrines over the years, correcting what could be referred to as popular but contrary doctrines all the while using only Bible as support.


His methods have been questioned as he can be quite raw and employ the use of tentative mockery especially during his earlier years of his internet based ministry, lately we are seeing a more refined Daddy Freeze on his way to further polish his craft as his influence grows with each passing day.


🌪️ BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO: He needs no introduction as he is one of the top Billionaire pentecostal general overseers in Nigeria, pushing the prosperity message and with much accolades to his name acquired over decades of hard work.


He is the founder of Winners Chapel international and all its connected businesses, he has overseen the spiritual growth of many other pastors who are equally doing well in Ministry.


Oyedepo is by far the most experienced in ministry amongst the 3 players in this drama, though years of experience doesn’t make you infallible, let’s just say he has really tried in his work however, papa also has his many controversies and Challenges. I’ll stop here.


🌪️ DAVID IBIYEOMIE: where do I start from, he is the founder of Salvation Ministries, protégé of Oyedepo and the one that is now in the negative spotlight because of his unacceptable utterances/verbal assaults made on tape and directed to renowned broadcaster and pastor, Daddy Freeze over a claim that the later Insulted Oyedepo.



I need not go into details, anyone yet to see the eye sour is free to go watch it to understand the full import of how far the alter was desecrated.


David Ibiyeomie in an attempt to attack Daddy Freeze:


📍 Insulted his parents.

📍 Insulted Somalians.

📍 Insulted Freezes’s mother’s race and people (Romanians).

📍 Insulted Freeze himself (Called him a bast*rd).

📍 Insulted the broadcasting profession hence (all broadcasters) asking if broadcasting is a job.

📍 Then threatened the life of Freeze all on tape while calling him a bast*rd, all based on his own assumption.


I can count the amount of laws broken here, racism, tribalism, hate Speech etc… Then on the Christian side more commandments where broken and that alter profoundly desecrated. A completely unacceptable display of lack of restraints and display of true nature.


That’s not the worse, the crowd in his church where shouting bast*rd and hailing Ibiyeomie as he delivered his venom all in full glare of the cameras, reminds me of the crowd calling for christ to be crucified.


He asked Freeze to show his father, since then the internet has been flooded with pictures of his parents who are both professors, people are now asking for Ibiyeomie to show his own parents and introduce their profession, just look at the mess now. #Spiritual father context or not, it’s all a mess right now.


No one is perfect however, we must sincerely recognize and admit errors before we can move on to forgiveness and repentance. Let me address Nigerian Christians.




I speak only because if I don’t then I become part of the problem, there is a dangerous mindset amongst many Nigerian Christians, unscriptural and enslaving mindset.


We’re already accustomed to seeing pastors arbitrarily abuse and attack people in the name of preaching and we say nothing because we think it is right, well, it’s mostly abuse of office and very wrong.


#NOTE: If you don’t fall under this class of pastor worshipers then I’m not addressing you, I’m addressing those who have been thoroughly brainwashed unknown to them. These who worship their pastors and not God.


Sadly many Pastors (not all) have brainwashed their members to see them as infallible and perfect, they have lied to their congregations that no one can correct them hence the members have been converted to foot soldiers, crime defender and drones for their pastors, unable to correct them or call them out when they are clearly wrong.


This above mentioned is in play again, many have defended Ibiyeomie shamefully and unsurprisingly, they’re playing out their programming and the indoctrination they have received over the years.


Daddy Freeze on the other hand is not a Saint either he has been rude in the past so far from it, non of the players in the drama can claim sainthood, however on this matter Frz. is vindicated in the eyes of any right thinking human being.


Daddy Freeze spoke this time, using the Bible, Ibiyeomie should have spoken in response using same Bible only and not the devil’s method abusing everybody, debates and arguments are allowed in Christianity. The disciples argued and debated all the time, Jesus said even in heaven there is debate.


No one is above questioning, query or criticism, no one, just do it politely. For a church leader to display this kind of unacceptable behaviour because you think correction is an insult, tells us much about his mindset and the kind of doctrines he has been dishing out to his followers, no wonder they hailed him throughout the display.




Those of you claiming that Daddy Freeze attacks men of God are not being honest with yourselves.


Since when has scripturally pointing out errors in doctrines and showing the scriptures to back up such correction amounts to an attack? Since when?


Even the Bible says we should speak up when doctrines go contrary to the written word of God yet you all are singing same fake news that Freeze attacked Oyedepo on this particular case.


Everything Freeze points out in these doctrines he corrected, he always shows the right thing in the Bible and post the verses for all to see. Is that an attack? Someone should answer me please!


Please you guys should stop all these pastor worship biko, from my observations so far Freeze attacks incomplete or false doctrines not the pastors, he may go about it in unsavory ways some times however he only responds in like manner after being attacked by those pastors.


It is the pastors that viciously attack him and tell lies on him just like Ibiyeomie openly lied that Freeze Insulted Oyedepo in this 2020 saga, even claimed Freeze has no family etc. He actually said all that on the pulpit and desecrated that pulpit and his members were hailing him. That’s the kind of Christianity you’re defending? For real?


Ya’ll need to really check yourselves and your convictions, on this matter you’re misguided and being sentimental.


Let’s face it, many Pastors hate being corrected and act as if they’re all knowing.


I’m not a fan of Freeze or any other pastor for that matter, I speak only from observation. Please you guys should stop this your double standards it stinks, what Ibiyeomie did in 2020 because of a past 2018 video is inexcusable and a huge disgrace to the church, he should be held accountable by the law by now for threat to life.


On this matter, Freeze didn’t attack anyone in 2020, he simply attempted to corrected an oversight as the Bible has instructed us to do. If Ibiyeomie wanted to correct Freeze he should have done it like Christ or use the Bible, he didn’t, he goofed.


#UPDATE: Digging up a 2018 video by Freeze where he responded to Bishop’s attacks rudely and circulating it in order to justify Ibiyeomie 2020 error is just doing the most to cover up sin.

#DISLCLAIMER: I’m not a fan of any of the players in this drama, not Freeze, not Oyedepo not Ibiyeomie, I have listened to all of them over the years and respect their offices, I write only as a critical observer and I will be blunt

Credit~ Imevbore Sunday Imonah

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