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Boko Haram: Local hospitals overwhelmed with Monguno attack – Residents.


Residents and NGO staff in Monguno local
government area of Borno State, in the
northeast Nigeria, on Sunday said the attack on
the town by Boko Haram would have been
deadlier than that of Faduma village in Gubio.
They said the situation was saved by the
prompt action taken by the Nigerian military
with the swift strike by a fighter helicopter.
According to the residents, the insurgents burnt
down the UN humanitarian hub to the ground
and were targeting other NGO infrastructure.
They also said, the fighters had distributed a
letter to locals warning them not to work with
the Nigerian government or with international
They added that hundreds of civilians were
injured in the crossfire, which overwhelmed the
local hospital in Monguno.
DAILY POST also obtained the copy of the
translated said letter, which was written in
Hausa and translated to English, in which the
insurgents gave three objectives on why they
are fighting the nearly eleven years battle in the
northeast Nigeria.
The letter reads:
“In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the
most merciful.
Message: Pay attention
the Islamic State in West Africa Province
All Muslims in areas where the army of
idolatry/tyranny (ṭāghūt) has presence
The main objective of our jihad [is] Upholding the word of God by the way of
implementing shari’a on the servants of God in
the state of God.
These are our objectives:
– To protect the blood of Muslims, their
religion, their wealth and their dignity from all
threats that may arise against them, calling on
them to avoid polytheism (shirk), to avoid
disbelief (kufr) and to avoid oppression in
order to turn to the idea of unity of God
(tawḥīd), Islam and justice.
Those that we fight:
– We are fighting polytheists (mushrikūn),
white Christians Westerners (Hausa: nasara)
and other non-believers. We are fighting
anybody that is fighting against Islam even if
he claims to be a Muslim.
Those that we spare:
– The blood of Muslims, the integrity and the
wealth of Muslims. To harm them is forbidden
(haram) to us. It is not allowed to harm these
three things with the exceptions that Islam has
Be careful. Don’t allow the army of tyranny/
idolatry (tāghūt) to surround/abduct you in the
name of protection. Avoid all their locations
because those places are our battleground at
any time.”
Meanwhile, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen
Tukur Yusufu Buratai has congratulated officers
and men of the Army Super Camp, Monguno
for their resilience and bravery in holding and
dealing with the members of the BHT/ISWAP
group that attacked Monguno town on 13 June
A statement released by Col. Sagir Musa,
Acting Director, Army Public Relations said the
COAS is highly impressed by the high number
of casualties inflicted on the insurgents and the
number of BHT members and equipment
captured or destroyed by the gallant troops
with the support of the Air Task Force.
He urged them to remain firm and resolute in
containing the threat finally.
“The COAS further charged the Commander
OPLD to consistently engage in massive
offensive patrols to all identified terrorists’
locations and enclaves within the theatre to
ensure the terrorists are denied freedom of
action and eliminated.
“The COAS uses this opportunity to assure the
troops and people of the North West especially
Katsina, Sokoto and Zamfara States that he will
soon be there to ensure that the madness of
the bandits is put in proper check. He is also
impressed with the performance of the troops
in the ongoing operations ACCORD and
HADARIN DAJI. He urges them to maintain the
momentum,” the statement added.
The UN, however, is yet to issue statement
regarding the attack in Monguno and the
assessment of damage on its hub.