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Breaking News: Aggrieved youths on protest in Osogbo


There was a gastly accident in Osogbo, Osun State capital, as the members of Joint Task force (JTF) was said to have chased a black Toyota corolla car belong to suspected Yahoo boys, around Oba Adesoji Aderemi East West bye-pass.


The car looses control, and ran into the bush.


The car was said to took-off from Osun mall, and while being chased by JTF, they had an accident at ọba Adesoji Adeyemi east west by-pass, which claimed the live of one of the four people inside the car, while the other three sustained serious injuries and were taken to hospital.


The aggrieved youths took the corpse of the deceased and dropped it at the gate of government house at Oke fia, along Ilobu road.


Police were seen standing at the governor’s office gate watching helplessly as the aggrieved youths were protesting, and burning tyres.


The aggrieved youths move further to ace supermarket, oke-fia, where they spoilt JTF vehicle, and were about burning it down.


The aggrieved youths also attacked the traffic warden.


People were seen gathered and discussing the incident in annoyance, especially youths who described the action of the JTF as a wicked act.

Source: Affairs TV