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COVID-19: 276 New Cases Recorded In The Country


Yesterday the Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC, announced that a total of 276 new cases of covid-19 was recorded in the country across a total of 15 states.


The update was released to the public via the NCDC’s official twitter page at about 11:30pm .

The total number of confirmed cases in the country now stands at 8344 with 2385 discharged and 249 deaths recorded.

On the good days, Bonnie Reed believes that, for the first time in a long time, just about everyone is united for a common cause – to protect society’s most vulnerable citizens against the coronavirus.

On the bad days, the Sherman Oaks senior is stunned by the carelessness she sees around her.

She sees it in the unmasked young people who saunter toward her and her husband, Alton, with little regard for social distancing.

She sees it in the decisions of some governors to reopen economies despite dire warnings from public health officials.

Reed, who did not want to reveal her age, tries to not take it personally.

But on those bad days, it can feel as though such actions send a clear message about how little some people care about the well-being of older adults, who make up roughly 80 per cent of those who die from COVID-19 complications.

“Am I the only one feeling like they’re ready to throw us out?” she asks herself.

As the debate rages over when or how to resume public life, older adults like Reed have increasingly borne witness to behavior and rhetoric that implies that their lives are not as valuable as reviving the economy.

Ageism has been quietly pervasive in American culture for decades, according to those who work with and study the health of seniors.

But they fear that this particular form of discrimination has become magnified during the pandemic as those who have lost income and stability look for someone to blame.

“The stigma (against elders) is growing,” said Dilip Jeste, a geriatric psychiatrist at the University of California, San Diego Center for Healthy Aging.

“Anytime you mention the virus and risk, immediately people think of older adults. They think of the people more likely to be hospitalised, to take up beds in the ICU,” the psychiatrist said.

This rejection of prolonged sacrifices made by all for the sake of the old has been voiced from the highest ranks of government.

“Let’s get back to living,” Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told Fox’s Tucker Carlson in late March, defending President Donald Trump’s push at the time to reopen businesses by Easter.

Patrick, who turned 70 in March, said no one had asked him if he was willing to risk his survival in order to save the American economy for future generations.

But, he added, “If that’s the exchange, I’m all in.”

Nationwide anti-lockdown protests show that many have taken that idea to heart. One woman among the dozens who rallied outside Tennessee’s state capitol on April 20 held a sign that read “Sacrifice the weak, reopen (Tennessee).”



  1. What is nice about the new cases discovered. The truth of the matter is the virus is real but I have a great doubt about the parameters our Nigeria system is using for this test and the new discoveries. let everyone stay safe and abide by the rules of hygiene prescribed by the various authorities. My take.