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Did RCCG Pastor Hire People To Kill Uwa Because She Was Pregnant?


Days after Scooper reported that the Edo State police command apprehended a suspect in connection to the gruesome death of miss Vera Omozuwa, some unconfirmed reports have been making the rounds that the arrested suspect has implicated the pastor of the church Uwa was found dead.

According to the unconfirmed news, until her death, Uwa was pregnant for the pastor. He told her to abort the pregnancy but she had refused vehemently. The pastor then paid some people N1.5 million to have her killed. As much as Uwa’s death has been of special interest to the public, we will like to urge that public to desist from spread unconfirmed reports.

Source: Vanguard

All over Twitter, people are talking about this. Many have sadly believed this report without fact-checking it. It’s absolutely dangerous to believe anything we read on blogs these days because the world is experiencing another era of yellow journalism.

Truth has become democratised. It’s easy for anybody to set up a website and write about anything they feel. This is particularly dangerous. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) gained global prominence because they used the internet to spread their evil ideology. Unfortunately, a lot of people fell for it.

Source: Twitter

The report that Miss Uwa was impregnated by her pastor has not been confirmed. In fact, it was broken by an unverified source. This is not the first time we’d have sensational news reports like this. We should know is that news like this damage people’s reputation because they are mostly false.

We at Scooper will like to reassure our esteemed readers that we will continue to deliver sound reportage void of bias. Our principles are etched in time tested journalistic ethos. Miss Uwa deserves nothing but justice. It’d be wrong for bloggers to exploit her death for cheap click baits and traffic.