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Dr. Alex Otti’s Democracy Day Message to Nigerians


Dr. Alex Otti’s Democracy Day Message to Nigerians.

Democracy Day Celebration: Let This Trial Redirect Us-Otti.

A financial expert and the 2019 APGA Abia governorship candidate, Dr. Alex Otti OFR has felicitated with the good people of Abia state and Nigerians as a whole on the occassion of her Democracy Day Celebration.

Dr. Otti expressed gratitude to God for his sustenance of the nation and her citizens in spite of the numerous challenges that have continued to hit the foundation of the country, and called on Nigerians, especially leaders not to take God’s patience and kindness towards Nigeria for granted, rather should see today as a moment for sober reflection and re-assessment so as to open a new chapter, and chat a new course that could help drive the country out of her numerous challenges, especially at this time of global health crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The financial expert reminded leaders at all levels that, even though the Coronavirus Pandemic may not have killed Nigerians in their tens of thousands compared to what has been witnessed in some countries of Europe, America and Asia so far, yet, the virus has exposed the terrible weakness of our health institutions and presented a long term danger for us, if we fail as a nation to review and prioritize the health needs of our people through responsible governance.

He specifically warned that the high rate of fatality recorded so far amongst many sick Nigerians, especially senior citizens who ordinarily would have travelled abroad to seek effective medical care, but could not do so because of the present travel restrictions put in place by many countries, is a loud warning that we cannot continue to neglect our health Institutions and medical personnel at home, without severe consequences.

Dr. Otti insisted that Nigeria is endowed with enormous human talents and material resources to take care of her own needs and solve her internal problems, hence the need for leaders at all levels to redirect the vehicle of governance to the path of prosperity, and to responsibly use the instruments of democratic governance to rejig all facets of Nigeria’s economy as a way of lifting Nigerians out of the doldrums of sickness, hopelessness and underdevelopment.

Finally, he called for prayers, support and solidarity to all Nigerians who are presently down with Coronavirus, and also appealed to all to continue to apply all safety measures recommended by experts.

Ferdinand Ekeoma
Media Assistant to
Dr. Alex Otti