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EndSARS Campaign Is Thin Band-Aid Over A Festering Sore


SARS is just a unit of the NPF. Like in other units of the NPF, there are General Duty (GD) policemen in SARS assigned to perform anti robbery ops and investigative duties.


Any GD policeman can be assigned to perform those (including anti robbery) duties that constitute unavoidable parts of policing.


If the present SARS is disbanded, the IGP will simply create a similar unit with a different name.


Alternatively, the IGP may choose not to create a similar unit, but have District Crime Officers (DCOs) continue from where SARS ended.


There are many ways the IGP can handle this matter to make it look like NPF is sensitive to the #EndSARS campaign.


Those ways of skinning the #EndSARS cat cannot be taken to mean that core issues of police brutality and other unprofessional conducts are being properly handled.


So, the issue shouldn’t be about #EndSARS, but about training and retraining policeman to perform professionally and optimally.


I doubt if the NPF has capacities to properly train or retrain officer at the moment. If it does, why are we having so many unprofessional conducts by policemen?


So, what is the way forward? Nigerians should clamour for constitutional amendment so that we can have State Police Departments with basic minimums.


Let each of the 36 States be able to configure and fund its Police Department as best as possible and can be afforded.


If Akwa Ibom State can develop and sustain a professional Police Department, other states will copy over time and at their own pace.


Many Nigerians will naturally migrate to where they can live, work and invest in peace. We want both horizontal and vertical migration in a new Nigeria, don’t we?


Result? States will compete to have the best Police Departments in order to facilitate enabling environments for growth, sustainable development, etc.


But, if we continue to do things the hard way by pampering our sluggish elephant, there will be consequences worse than we are experiencing today.


Let us think deeply. Thinking is free!




Clement Ikpati