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EndSARS Protesters Blocking Roads After Dissolvent Are Insensitive


Very good morning ladies and gentlemen.


Without sounding immodest, It is pertinent to note that the issue of “end SARS” started as a result of lawlessness by some SARS personals.


However SARS has been dissolved by the IGP who created it owing to the fact that the aim is almost defeated. SARS is a creation of IGP’s office not constitutionally gazetted.


Going by the government’s prominent compromise and outlined procedures for comprehensive reform of Nigeria police architecture and operations, what else do the protesters really want?


Why do they engage in lawless activity by systematically brutalising people through blocking of roads on a Monday morning against road users, thereby disrupting them from their legitimate routines!


It is highly irresponsible to block the highway and any attempt by the security agents to address the issue will be tagged “harassment of harmless civilians” my question is, are they really harmless? If a pregnant women died by bleeding due to lack of access road to the hospital for medical attention as a result of road block by the protesters! What’s the different between SARS and the protesters to the family of the deceased?


Last night, some vehicles were attacked by hoodlums due to the heavy traffic caused by the road block orchestrated by the protest and people including myself called the same Nigerian police for immediate intervention and their response was appropriate and timely.


Protesters don’t block the highway in a civilised societies, placards raised by the roadsides does the job beautifully. Blocking the highway is an abuse on other people’s rights, if what they’re really fighting for is protection

of fundamental human rights then you will agree with me that they acted irresponsibly and indeed a breach of public decency because even ambulances were held up in the traffic.


… Comrade Umezurike Austin Umezurike