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Greenwood & Fernandes offer glimpse of Man Utd’s exciting future under Solskjaer


The Portuguese scored another two goals in Wednesday’s 3-0 win at Brighton but it was the 18-year-old who arguably stole the show.

With 50 minutes on the clock at the Amex Stadium, Manchester United produced a moment of counterattacking magic worthy of any of the club’s great sides.

It all started with a Harry Maguire header and was finished by a volley from man of the moment Bruno Fernandes.

It was the Portuguese’s second goal of the game and sixth in all competitions since he signed from Sporting CP back in January.

There aren’t enough superlatives to fully explain the impact the Portugal international has had since his arrival at Old Trafford.

United look a totally different team with Fernandes in the starting line-up and his new partnership with Paul Pogba is blossoming into something special.

In Wednesday night’s 3-0 win at Brighton, they were making just their second start together and yet performed like a veteran duo.

After just 12 minutes, the hosts were given a warning of what was to come, with Pogba teeing up Fernandes, who saw his shot rebound off Mathew Ryan’s post.

The pair repeated the move on the half-hour mark, though, and this time Fernandes’ strike from outside of the box found the back of the net.

The fit-again Pogba is playing like he has never been away and credit must not just to Fernandes but also Nemanja Matic, who is offering greater security tucked in behind them.

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Mason Greenwood, though, was arguably the star of the show on the south coast.

It was the 18-year-old who opened the scoring as United stretched their unbeaten run in all competitions to 15 and it was a sublime individual effort from a player who has vindicated Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s decision not to buy another forward after Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez left for Inter last summer.

As he cut inside from the right and skipped through the Brighton defence with two stepovers, Ryan would have had no idea which foot the shot was coming off.

This time, the two-footed teenager shifted the ball on to his left and fired past Ryan at the goalkeeper’s near post.

It was Greenwood’s 13th goal in all competitions, which is an incredible tally for one so young, in his full first campaign in the Premier League. It was no wonder, then, that Solskjaer was sporting a smile in the stands.

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