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How President Buhari Divorced his 1st Wife, Safinatu Because of IBB and His Late Wife


As the story goes, while Buhari was in detention, Safinatu had some dealings with the Babangida’s to help her cope with life, as well as helping her reconcile Buhari with IBB. It was the attempt to use her for this reason that made Buhari furious, more so because he had warned her not to take Babangidas offers. But Safinatu responded that the reason she collaborated with the then-mighty Babangida’s was to see if she could use the advantage of her friendship with the wife of IBB to help protect her (Buhari’s) freedom. She also explained that when life became unbearably hard for her and her children, she was pushed to accept gestures from her.

She may be right. Life, indeed, was tough for Sefinatu after her husband was toppled in the coup of August 27,1985.

It is because when her husband was removed from influence, Sefmatu and her first daughter, Zulaihatu, were in West Germany for medical care. He then raced back home, briefly saw her husband at Bonny Camp, where the new military leaders in control held him, and then packed him out of Dodan Barracks. She ‘d left for Kaduna with her four children. She was stranded for some time because Kaduna had been let out the only family house on No 2 Sultan Road and paid the rent for two years. It was Bala Adamu, a family friend of her husband, who gave her and her daughters’ shelter in a house on Jabi Road for 20 months. The Babangida regime was holding a watch on her activities while there. When she left for a more convenient house in the outskirts of Kaduna GRA, which was said to have been designed by Buhari ‘s friends, she was faced with what to do to generate income. It was then that she took to farm It was her father (also a farmer) who gave her a big farm on the road to Kaduna – Abuja where she grew vegetables. Her father also gave her some cattle to tend, but she lost about fourteen of them to thieves at some point. She was also active in the small supply business.