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How to become a goal getter


Embrace failure

Goal getters accept failure as a part of their entrepreneurial journey. View failure as your most critical learning tool. Failure forces you to find and access your own inner reservoirs of mental toughness. It pushes you to think in new ways, to explore new ideas and to develop new skills. whenever you are trying to improve, learn something new or expand your horizons. Instead of getting bogged down with fear or frustration around failure, analyze what caused the failure and start working that much harder not to repeat the same mistakes over and again.

Make no room for negative

To go from quitter to goal getter you must make sure you have power and authority over your mind. A mind not well managed becomes a dangerous breeding-ground for lazy, negative and distorted thinking. Become attuned to what thoughts you allow to impact your attitude and be prepared to delete negative thoughts as they pop up throughout your day. If you give your pessimistic, defeatist thoughts power, they will act as parasites and drain you of the mental and emotional toughness necessary for your advancement.

Treat your thoughts as tools

Use and strengthen the thoughts which motivate and inspire you, and discard the rest.Create a state of strong positive emotion.Goal getters are motivated by the positive and believe if they can think an idea up there must be a way to achieve it. To open your mind to a new idea you must first create a state of positive emotion. To create a positive mindset begin by repeating your desired characteristics, goals, or wants in an affirmation-like fashion. It is an effective practice to say what you want out loud, as if you’re thankful that you already have it. The mind doesn’t know the difference. The mind needs convincing which is why repetition is important. Repeating your desired results out loud places your mindset directly in the faith that what you want is making its way to you right now.Walk with confidence.Goal getters have swagger. Your most powerful advertisement to the external world is your body language. When you hold this posture, it puts your eyes forward and your posture tall. Other people read this as you are open for communication. Once they approach you, be sure to use your hands to reinforce what you’re saying and give appropriate eye contact to the person you’re speaking with. You do not want to stare someone down, but you want to make sure you’re having enough eye contact to show deep interest, that you are listening and that you feel something about what is being communicated.

Goal getters understand drawing people in means increased opportunity.Use humor.Business is serious stuff. To master being a goal getter, you must avoid living with a bad case of “seriosity.” What is the point in working hard if you’re too perfectionistic to find the joy, fun and humor along the way? Goal getters understand emotions are contagious and make sure to bring a positive, outgoing, uplifted, lighthearted, joking vibe into every interaction they have. You must do the same. People prefer to do business with those they like.To be a goal getter you must know how to win people over with your personality. Having a positive and lighthearted sense of humor not only puts you in a better mood, but it increases the morale of all of those around you.