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Is it everyone that can figure out this marriage thing?


Have you ever examined your lifestyle and how you view the world and get jolted by that immeasurably pride telling yourself “A woman will be so lucky to have me as a spouse” ?

I do feel like that most times because I know myself and even admire myself; and nope! I am not even related to Narcissus in anyway.

But I know you get my drift. You see, whenever I feel that way, I always end up asking myself “Lekan, what if you end up with someone that will make you fail as a husband no matter how much you try?”

Because at the end of the day, it is not only about you; it takes two people to make marriage work. And the reality is that not every couple will have a happy marriage because one of them is a certified good man or woman. Some people are just not built to make marriage work.

Even if mannequin is made their spouse, they will find a way to fight that mannequin for standing there for too long or looking at them funny.


So while you all blame those women finding comfort in the arms of that pastor whose Facebook account was hacked or the man who murdered his wife for making him raise a child who isn’t his, let’s understand some people won’t just figure out this marriage of a thing because they are built not to be able to figure it out.

And sometimes it is usually not the fault of those who are caught cheating, but the faithful ones who are just hell to be around. There are some spouse who are Ballotelli and Trump in one body.

And in as much as we keep making marriage the ultimate yardstick by which we can measure how responsible a woman can be, we won’t focus on the fact that some women will do a better job raising a family on their own without losing their lives in an unhappy union or having to make someone’s life miserable just because they think they have to remain married to that person.

No matter how many times some people remarry, even if they marry Delai Lama, they will still make a mess of it. For such women or men, it is okay to raise a family on their own.

Not everyone will figure out this marriage thing. For those that cannot, a sort of partnership is okay if they can finance it.

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