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Is My Business Slacking? 


Is My Business Slacking?

Twice, recently, have my Computer Village colleagues accuse me of slacking. Their argument: I no longer post pictures of phones, laptops, and accessories at notable frequency. It is worsened by the fact that, through perfecting my structure, I hardly have the need to step foot in the arena—I only monitor online trading, collect and collate orders, and then send those on ground on their various errands. For this, the goons have concluded that I am no longer serious with business, but that, sadly, only reveals the wrong notions most people hold about online marketing/trading.


Posting 600 pictures on your timeline do not imply hardwork. Marketing and advertising are, in the basic, means of communication; and effective communication is not determined by the loquaciousness of your output. For example, much as human beings love fun and lively people in their romantic relationships, they nevertheless do not fancy an unbridled talkative. Same applies to digital marketing especially small business owners leveraging WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook profiles/pages. Your page, imbued by only product contents, will soon lose its bite.

An element of unpredictability should exist. Mostly, your ambition is to have people know you sell a particular product, and that your services and customer relations are top-notch. For the former, calculated postings will achieve that; and for the latter, the customers themselves, judging by your real treatment of them, will broadcast the truth. So to really get your audience glued to your page, you need something else: stories, videos, pictures—any content that speaks of any other thing but your business. And at intervals, you plug in your business concerns.


Earlier this year, I spoke with a friend who is into business, who leverages social media. Amidst the conversation, he said: “I am telling you as someone who has practically sold over a thousand products online, not sharing academic knowledge.” Part of the thing learnt is that posting products without indicating the price publicly, and you telling the inquiring customers to come inbox only achieves two things: it either sets off an alarm to the discerning that you are about to take them in for a kill or it simply invites unserious persons who will come and ask price and go away—that way, you will be busy entertaining queries but you’re not being truly productive or making profit.


Lastly: become an authority in your business line. If I sell clothes, I should have contents telling people how many times is ideal to wear a cloth before washing, which to take and which to not take to a laundryman. I should have content telling customers how best to match colours when they want to dress. Tell stories of ordinary people and plot clothing into it. It will come to a time when people will come to seek professional advice from you and if you have your customers’ ears then you have their pocket. Funnily, the same month of July which I was accused of slacking and no longer posting, was the month of our greatest sale so far at Ginnons Communication.


By the way, pictured below, are orders just coordinated and readied. They shall, tomorrow, set off for Jos, Plateau State. Congratulations and thanks, Johnpaul Ugochukwu.