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Jimoh Isiaq: His Meditation Is No More


The last known photographs of Jimoh Isiaq of Ogiri Compound, Ita Alasa, Ogbomoso, give him remaining in shorts and a sweatshirt, palm shoes, viewing #EndSARS dissidents from a good ways. We see him from the back in both photographs and the meditation is predictable, him examining: his arms held to his sides in one, and in the other, you deduce, there’s his correct arm over his middle, holding up his left, jawline laying on his clench hand.

The following photograph you see of Jimoh, alive, the meditation is no more. You’re seeing him from the front now, and something is clearly off-base. He’s done standing. He’s held up by two or three individuals and his eyes are closed, arms thrashed, sweatshirt up to his chest. And afterward another image comes up and you see the issue: his middle, ridiculous. He’s been shot.

It isn’t long in the wake of, as indicated by Guardian, that Jimoh was hurried to the Bowen University Teaching Hospital, where he passed on. And afterward you see photographs and recordings of his body wrapped up in white sheets, the body brought down into the ground.

The entirety of this in a couple of hours.


All Jimoh did was stand and watch a dissent in house garments. He didn’t join the nonconformists to request a conclusion to police ruthlessness. He was unarmed.

Youthful Nigerians have rioted in huge numbers to request that the administration scrap the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a crew that is known for hijacking, attacking and killing honest youthful Nigerians. A look through the #EndSARS trend on Twitter will show you endless stories, every one of them nerve racking. There are endless names. Also, presently, directly amidst the fights, Jimoh Isiaq’s has been included.

We can’t leave Jomoh’s passing alone futile. It isn’t an excessive amount to ask that Jimoh’s executioner be brought to book. That each official associated with his passing be terminated, captured, prosecuted and rebuffed. This thing the Nigerian police is doing, executing residents, it needs to end. For what reason would they say they are executing us? For what reason did they slaughter Jimoh? Why?

There’s a video circling via online media indicating a more seasoned man sobbing, individuals around him attempting to reassure him. They state this is Jimoh’s dad.

May his soul rest in peace