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Joi Nunieh And Her Sponsors: God Is Standing At The Window


Joi Nunieh And Her Sponsors: God Is Standing At The Window


…Abasiandikan Nkon


Since Wike’s Port Harcourt girl went wild in her serial frame-up and lying stupor, Wike has been carrying on as if Sen. Akpabio has never been a governor before.


He yells and acts with horror-movie bravado, to portray his no-nonsense capability.


But gradually, the larger picture is beginning to unfold. The world is watching with disbelief how supposed leaders of a people turn themselves into a workshop for collusion as they become an overnight spin doctors who have not only drawn swords, but are desperately and jointly pressing any false alarm button at their disposal, with a deliberate intent to discredit the forensic audit.


It does appear people like Wike prefer the NDDC to be paying N300m annual rent to the completion of its head office by the commission. It is also glaring that Wike, et al enjoy or are approbating the serial lies by Joi Nunieh. A woman who will realize after six months that a man had “looked at her lustfully”; a woman who claims to be a lawyer but lacks the candor of the legal profession; a lawyer who was never conscious of her boss’ attempt at “securing and manipulating” her loyalty through fetish means until long after she lost her MDship through perjury.


Has Joi Nunieh realized that ordinarily she is supposed to be cooling off in jail for perjury preparatory to facing any probe panel? A woman in a frenzy to curry undeserving solidarity and sympathy and for want of credibility lied to having “slapped” Sen. Akpabio in his guest house and because of the world title belt she holds in kungfu/karate or militant activities, she subdued Akpabio’s security apparatus to escape unhurt.


The difference between white and red lie is that while red lie can go for what it is, white lie is easily detected by all those perceived to be cajoled except the liar (in this case Joi herself).


Let Joi Nunieh read the book of Genesis and see how Potiphar’s wife lied against an Hebrew slave boy. After Joseph had been imprisoned, she must have treated herself to a toast of cognac as to how “convincing” her lies were.


Unknown to her, however, God who stands at all times at the window upstairs, God who searches the heart and reins, saw and knew that she was a faceless prostitute. God did not strike her dead, but instead He threw back at Potiphar’s wife and her henpecked husband their joint cruelty by promoting Joseph far above their cocooned imaginations and made-up societal status.


On the strength of the above, Joi Nunieh and her treacherous sponsors in APC/PDP should also remember that, that same God who witnessed Potiphar’s wife’s grand conspiracy and disapproved of it; that very God who turned the tide against Daniel’s accusers, the eternal God who moved against Haman in favour of Mordecai, is again wacthing the sons and daughters of men (in the national assembly, varying govt houses, 2023 presidential prospects, some staff/contractors of NDDC, other politicians and emergency executioners) carrying on as if that God of Joseph’s, Daniel’s and Mordecai’s time is no longer at the window.


I tell you, Joi Nunieh; I tell you Wike, I tell you, NASS members, I tell you, governors of the Niger Delta states, I tell you that does not fear God, that there shall deliverance come from points beyond human comprehension for Sen. Akpabio because God is the same, Yesterday and Today and Forever (Hebs.13:8).

Credit;Abasiandikan  Nkono