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Journey Till Eternity


Journey till Eternity

When I wrote this, I had with me a bottle of sniper… That’s 7th Feb 2019… I felt being dead would solve it all… After reading and posting it… I decided against doing it

Journey till Eternity

I’m tired

Of this life

Can’t I just fade off

Never to be heard from again?

I’ve helped a lot fight their devils

Now it’s just I and mine

Each day I lie to myself that

Someday it would be fine

Now I’m just a walking zombie

One from my past

Going back seems better

I’m a living ghost of self confidence

Can’t I just take a walk

Never to return

Each day I give myself a lie

For reasons people are bad

Each day in my heart I cry

But then with my lips smile

This isn’t poetry

In case you don’t hear from me

I’m sick of this world

From it I’m taking the walk

I promised to be with so many

Up until eternity

They said same

If I had known they took it as a game

He talks,  we reply

And when he’s not looking, we leave him for blind

I’ve tried to be happy

But then, I’ve never gotten it

I’ve learned to pretend

To smile even when scared of death

I decided to give out my heart

To live the euphoria of being in love

If I had known they were just lies

By now,  I could be somewhere near heaven with God

If I freaking had the switch

I’d put the lights out

Stand back and watch

Who would be first to cry out

I wish I could be me

I’m losing sense of time

I wish I could be strong

To see it all till lights out