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Kiddwaya’s Eviction: I Won’t Let This Slide – Olaleye Olawale


The recent eviction of Kiddwaya from the Big Brother Naija Season 5 has cut many of his fans unaware.

Did you all see Kiddwaya’s reaction to Ozo’s voting, when the video of those who voted him out was played back yesterday?

“Ah ah”, he screamed.

Truly, it’s a game but that bit speaks to the reality of life. Many a time, those behind your travails sympathise with you the most. Frenemies everywhere!

But, this is who some people are in real life and exactly how they live everyday. They delight in snitching and plotting against others, because their survival is contingent on it. It’s the only way they thrive.

The point is, many might be in your circle, only one or two are actually in your corner. There’s a significant takeaway from that experience. I won’t let it slide. Don’t too.

It still plays back in my head: “ah, ah”, meaning he wasn’t expecting Ozo of all people. He probably forgot it was a game. But his reaction was natural and spontaneous.

However, when you see how those who voted him out acted as if devastated, when his eviction was announced – hugging and ‘acting’ somewhat downcast – then, you would see life in its true colour.

#Insidelife…Orisirisi l’on sele!

Credit: Olaleye Olawale