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Marrying Mr Right!

  • Is there truly such a thing as marrying ‘the one? Going on long walks on the beaches and moonlit dinners beneath a sunroof with someone who’d always be in sync with you and know you so well they finish all your sentences?

Does such a thing truly exists or is that something Hollywood and Bollywood have brainwashed us into believing?

If there’s anything spending so many years on earth and hopping from one relationship to another has thought me it’s when you go into a relationship hoping for Mr or Mrs Right then it’s already doomed from the start.

No one told me I needed to drop the mentality that the one who’s right for me wouldn’t hurt me, would leave everything to get me a handkerchief when I catch a cold and would take a bullet to save me. I’d seen it in so many romance movies that was what I based my “Mr Right” on.

I’m a bit older and wider now and I see that such love only exists in movies. People have flaws, chances are the guy you’re dating would have a mountain of them but so do you.

What makes a relationship last is tolerance. The ability to tolerate another person’s annoying habits (like his singing) and accept them despite it.

Don’t let Hollywood or Bollywood make you miss out on the chance to get to discover someone else every single day.

Tolerance, my dear, is the main ingredient for a happy relationship.