Abiola Ajimobi passed away recently from complications arising from COVID-19, aged 70. Tributes have been coming in for the former Governor of Oyo State. Friends and well-wishers have been praying for the repose of the dead. Abiola Ajimobi was survived by a wife, Mrs Florence Ajimobi, four daughters and one son.

Abisola Kola Daisi Abiola also known as Abi_kd  on Instagram is the eldest daughter of the former governor, married to the son of Industrial magnate Chief Kola Daisi, Kolapo Daisi. She is a fashionista and fashion entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Florence H luxury (FH Luxury) and founder of the ” Luxury lifestyle Market”. Abisola is a confident and beautiful lady that loves travelling to exquisite places, meeting celebrity entrepreneurs, majorly for business.

She penned a lovely fathers’ day note for her father while he was still on the sickbed. She appreciated the fatherly role of her “Dad ” in her life. Obviously, she is going to miss her father’s love as Ajimobi Abiola put in everything on the table to ensure his family are well cared for while he was alive.

Abisola doesn’t waste time to show off her luxury possessions. See her photos below;

Late Abiola Ajimobi governed Oyo State for two consecutive terms, a feat no one has been able to achieve in the State before, which necessitated his nickname ” Koseleri” meaning it has never happened before.


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