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Meet The American Lady That Has Two Heads But Only One body


Giving birth to twins is a common happening everywhere around the the world including our dear country Nigeria. We have seen many mothers giving birth twins sometimes even quadriplet but all of them are separated and they live their individual life independant of each other. But for the American twins, Abbey and Brittaney Hensel, the story is completely different.

Abbey and Brittaney were born on March 7, 1990 in New Germany, which is located in the American city of Minnesota. Despite having two heads which are conjoined, the two twins share a single body and hence they are regarded as a single lady. At birth, Abbey and Brittaney were born with three hands and two legs but the third hand was found to be rudimetary and was removed surgically during their childhood. Each of them control one hand and leg and hence movement can only be achieve by coordinated action.

Despite the fact that they were born like this, Abbey and Brittaney Hensel managed to attend high school and learn how to ride a bicycle and drive a car. Abbey and Brittaney currently lives with their parents in Minnosota, United State. Conjoined Twins like them are rare and the incidence happens one in fifty thousand live births. Here are some of the beautiful pictures of these twins.


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