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Messi threatens to break Xavi’s final Barca records


Xavi is set to return to Barcelona some time in the future, but when he does so, he will have been eclipsed by Messi in all facets. As of today, he is still the players with the most amount of La Liga matches played for the club and the most number of total appearances for Barca in all competitions. However, Messi looks set to break those two records in about a year’s time.

Xavi left Barcelona as the player with the most number of La Liga matches to his name (505) aand with the most number of matches played for Barcelona (767), Two records which Messi will almost certainly beat in a year’s time or maybe even less.

Leo Messi has played 474 matches as a Barca player. The game against Mallorca will be his 475th and he should end the season on 485. Before 2021, he should have made more La Liga appearances for Barca than Xavi.

He will take slightly longer in playing more matches than Xavi. Messi is on 718 and he will end the season on 729 if he plays in every La Liga match. He could end up with more if the Champions League resumes.

He would be less than 40 games away from Xavi so he could go past his tally in March or April 2021.

Messi has few records left to beat. ‘AS’ has looked for a couple more targets once he gets past Xavi: the most number of Pichichis (he is o six like Zarra) and the most number of goals at a single club (Messi is on 627 while Pele netted 643 times for Santos).