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In Business, everyday comes with new challenges ,disappointment and lessons to be learnt. Recently, I sold Our favorite Dry ijebu ponmo to a client. Luckily , I was going her way when she called, so she didn’t have to pay for delivery fee (Benefit of buying from methodz ponmo).

Last week, she ordered for another batch of ponmo, this time she will have to pay for delivery and the goods,so I sent to her invoice (bill estimation) and she called to make known of her dissatisfaction and didn’t want to pay.

After much deliberation, we met at an equilibrium and I decided to give her a discount price which was not part of reached agreement but it was necessary, so no party goes home feeling cheated.

She also promised not to buy again because in her words she felt cheated. I was convinced in my heart I have done everything humanly possible to please my client and so I was confused. It dawned on me that my assumption of my client in know of the DELIVERY FEE was a mistake I could have avoided if I had stated clearly the Terms of purchase while selling to her.

Having known, where I faulted, I put a call through to my client, apologized to her, explained in clearer terms of what transpired and promised to cater for her next delivery fee if she will return as our customer which she accepted and made another order for next week.

Alas,I learnt my lessons and I have won our customer back.

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