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Microsoft teams now available for personal use as Microsoft targets friends and families.


Microsoft wants Teams for consumers to be seen as more than just a chat app

By Tom Warren

Microsoft is launching the personal version of Microsoft Teams today in preview. It’s part of a broader effort by Microsoft to remain relevant with consumers and win them back after a series of exits from consumer-friendly services. Microsoft isn’t rebranding Teams here or offering a totally separate version, nor is the company looking to compete with iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or other dedicated chat apps. It’s simply repositioning the existing Microsoft Teams app with features that might appeal to a set of people looking to do more than just chat.

Launching initially as a preview for iOS and Android, Microsoft Teams for personal use will include the basics of text chat and video calling, combined with shared lists, documents, calendars, and location sharing. There’s even a neat dashboard of events, locations, tasks, and images that everyone in a group has shared. Microsoft is trying to take all of the best features of Microsoft Teams for work and make them relevant for when you might need them at home.

Microsoft Teams personal features.
Microsoft sees the repositioning of Teams for work and life as not just offering yet another chat app to the market but something that provides ways for groups of people to get things done, like planning a vacation.