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My Music Will Liberate Your State of Mind – MO Gevson


Newly signed MediaTank Entertainment artiste, MO Gevson is refreshed with a come back into the music scene. Mo Gevson in his early music struggle had been into few music competitions. In 2007, he and his group member C`Note emerged as the Winners of Pepsi More Competition and also performed on the same stage with American Grammy Awards group Black Eyed Peas.

In 2009 he made it to the finals in ZAIN / MTV Advance Warning alongside top Nigerian musicians like DURELLA, MI and WAJE, where DURELLA emerged winner.

MO Gevson’s with Afro-life, heavy on metaphors about love and self-confidence, hearkens back to his upbringing in the music scene for over a decade now.

In a interview with BETA correspondent, we picked on some of the interesting views read below:

How is your growing up like?

I started music as a career in the Ikeja Military Cantonment, Lagos State. My upbringing was mainly on discipline, values, selfless education with Catholic background.

” I had all kinds of friends and i was really a quiet type, but things changed as time went by, I was creative and weird to a lot of people. I was the obedient one yet i got into so many troubles as a kid who was growing in the military base where all tribes, culture and beliefs is the order of the day”

“While growing up in Ikeja Cantonment, this happened to be in the same neighborhood with one of Africa`s most talented music producer/singer Cobhams Asuquo, and till date Cobhams maintains that Mo Gevson is one of Nigeria’s best vocalist, and he is underrated. He is a well talented musician with high vocal dexterity presently in the genre of conscious/Dance music. But not restricted to any”

Which musician influenced your growing up?

So many musicians actively influenced my music, growing up and now. While growing up, I listened to a lot of music. This has helped me discover myself and influenced my music creativity a lot.

Those influences made me realize how beautiful music is. But it transcended into people that really started influencing my sound.: Akon, Shaggy, Sean Paul, boyz 2 men and of course 2Baba.

Whats your Genre of Music Like?

My genre of music is classy, but it’s a movement, a state of mind. I feel like my music is different and it doesn’t deserve to be called just R&B, Afrobeats, or Afropop. My music focuses a lot on lyricism, and Afro music has not been popular for focusing on lyricism the way my music does.

“I’m really obsessed with standing out with my type of music, that makes me feel a way difference can be made.

Basically, I want people to feel my music, because I feel like my music is something you listen to and feel the exact emotions to liberate your state of mind.

There are times when you’d listen and smile or laugh; there are times when you want to cry, emotions driving you to tears. You will feel one of those emotions, or all of them at once, if you listen.”


What was the recording process like for your tracks?

“Recording is life for me. I am always in different studios in search for pleasing and amazing sounds. I was with Tycoon Sounds and he began to play the piano, he asked that i sing to the sound and i did and we made a classic. That’s how this sound was made basically for my next song which am dropping soon.


As a Music Act, How Important is Fashion to you?

I love fashion. Fashion is part of the art. Fashion for me is an expression. I mostly wear what i feel comfortable in, but try as much as possible not to rock so much colours lol. I love trendy stuffs no doubts, but it must look nice and also feel comfortable

As a musician and as a brand, fashion is very crucial to me. It’s not even about being a celebrity or wanting to be seen in a certain way, it is about wanting people to know me via how I dress. I just want people to see me and be like, “This guy is different.” Like I always say, I love being the different guy, I’m obsessed with it!

There’s a whole lot of difference it can make, because most times people can love you for the way you dress or the way you look. Sometimes, that’s all an artist needs.

Dropping my new songs soon, this have been working on with my New Management Team under Mediatank Entertainment.

Anticipate coming soon.