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Nigeria a Gale of Propaganda, Misinformation, Disinformation and Fabrication


Now, who do you believe?


To think that some people captured the wing-number of the jet that Bola Tinubu used in running from “nemesis”, few days ago…with dancing pictures of patriotic Nigerians chasing him from hotel rooms in France…and Turkey!


Yet, the same man became a “witch”, and showed up yesterday in Marina, Lagos (on a visit to Gov. Sanwo-Olu), questioning the sanity of the looters, and pissing on the stories of his flight.


Through the gale of propaganda, misinformation, disinformation and fabrication…some Nigerians took to heart the several inciting fake stories… boiled over in righteous anger…and unleashed violence on their own people and communities…many of the victims have absolutely no relationship with Tinubu, and their lives’ works, worth and investments were callously ruined, within hours.


There are still many homes writhing in anguish at the aftermath of the carnage… Sorrow, Tears and Blood still crawling on our streets… To those who can discern through the recent days of madness, locked deep in the hysteria and carnage is the failure and greed of leadership. The condemnable actions of “protesters” could be traceable to the actions and inactions of cadres of self-centered, self-loving, loot-minded past and present leaders or rulers.


Yet, much of destruction and killings could have been avoided if we restrict ourselves to Truth, verifiable Facts and Decency…on the streets.


While the nation weeps…and some leaders gloat or threaten… it is gradualing dawning on us that Social Media may be a scam sef!


May it not be the cause of our End.


Credit: Femi Akintunde Johnson