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Ogun State Opposes Yoruba Youth For Freedom Agenda


Our attention has been drawn to a video making the rounds on the social media posted by a certain group called young Yoruba for freedom [YYF] led by Adeyinka Grandson, to the effect that Igbo people should quit the South-west region within 48 hours.


As a responsible government, we consider such a pronouncement babaric, reckless and irresponsible. Ogun will remain home to all Nigerians and foreigners who have legitimate reason to live, work, visit or do business here. We shall also protect their lives and properties and look after their wellness, welfare and wellbeing.


It is a well known fact that Yoruba, especially of Ogun state extraction are cosmopolitan, urban and too civilized to discriminate against people on account of their ethnic origin or circumstances of birth. We believe YYF’s position neither represent the views of the Yoruba race that is reputed to be accommodating, tolerant and refined. YYF is definitely not speaking for the Yorubas and the good people of Ogun state.


We call on YYF and their collaborators to stop fanning the embers of discord, disunity and creating unpleasant aggression against our compatriots from other parts of the country who have investments in our State.


Ogun state will always be home to people who wish to live, play or do business here.


Ethnic jingoists are therefore advised in their own interest to desist from heating up the polity, creating tension or providing excuses for their nefarious agenda.


We have put security people on red alert to be more vigilant and to arrest any agent provocateur and to protect lives and properties.


Police and other security agents have the backing if the State to deal decisively and apprehend felons disguising as Yoruba irredentists and stop them from their campaign of calumny, looting, maiming, burning and destroying public and private properties.


We wish to reassure residents of the State of their safety, irrespective of their state of origin or nationalities.




Kunle Somorin

Chief Press Secretary to Gov. Dapo Abiodun Mfr.