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Police Brutality Won’t Stop


“My Take on EndSARs and Police Brutality.

Police are humans and all humans have needs. Clothes, food and shelter are only basics of these needs. No one is talking of luxuries now.

As a father, if I can’t meet up with my daughter’s and wife’s needs (extended family and friends included), I would not be happy but frustrated.

All Nigerian Police are frustrated, hungry, sick, confused and mad! Why ? They cannot meet up with the basic demands of life! How can you pay someone 60k and expect him/her to watch over your life? How can you pay someone 60k and expect the person to stand 24hours on the road to watch over others who live to oppress? How can you make someone to live in a prison-like Barack (as home) and expect the same to behave like a liberated human and not like a criminal?

Check Police Salary Structure Below:

Personally, I have been abused by men of the Nigerian police severally. But I won’t blame them for the abuses (thank God it didn’t end my life). Today, like I have said in the past, police and teachers are the most vulnerable Nigerians. The difference is, while the only instrument of war available for teachers is their markers, the hungry police has guns to fight back their frustration.

All police are friendly until hunger sets in!
All police are friendly until frustration sets in!
All police are friendly until needs could not be met!
All police are friendly until they couldn’t show anything for working for years in the force.

To end police brutality, government must provide a commensurate compensation scheme for their efforts. If General Buhari and Pastor Osinbajo could be given 12.3 billion naira for upkeep in 2021 budget, I believe a budget of 5 trillion naira is not too much for the men of Nigerian Police (371,800 in number).

Police brutality won’t stop if poverty, sickness, diseases, frustration and hunger still remains best friends of men of the Nigerian Police. Remember, a frustrated man cannot protect others.

Good morning as we unanimously support the endSARs movement!”

Credit: Poet_Adedara