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School resumption:message to all university and polytechnic students


June 20,2020. 9:30Am

All students have been waiting for school resumption. If you have not learned any skill during this lockdown. Please learn it from today. With the rate of new cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria is unsafe to reopen schools now. But there are indications that schools could be reopened soon.

If you could remember, is now up to four months since schools have been closed in Nigeria the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In this piece, we present to you four skills that you can start now as a side hustle.

1. Graphics design

Many organizations, be it individuals or public need things like professional logos for their Business, business cards and business flyers. Designing is now an easy task, you can start learning graphics from scratch to professional.

You don’t need a school or someone to teach you graphics design. The good news now you can design professional and very beautiful designs on your mobile phone. You don’t need a laptop to start graphics design, all you need is your phone and some applications.

You can learn all graphics design from YouTube. There are thousands of videos on YouTube that teach how to do graphic design. With graphics design, you could earn huge amount of money as a side hustle. Before schools reopen you will have some cash.

2. Freelance writing

If you are good at writing good content, you have great writing aptitudes, you can enrol as a freelancer. You can start writing as an author on the web. You might earn a huge amount of money just by writing. Search freelance on Google on how you can start from scratch.

3. Hairdressing

This is specifically for female students. Have some cash and open a hairstyle shop in your area. You will have a skill and have some cash. If you have the ability for hairdressing and the right stuff, why not give it a try.

4. Tutoring (online and offline)

In this time of lockdown, pupils are all at home. You can organise a small tutorial class for them and they pay you in return. Or you can tutor people with your skills on social media and they pay for your time.

These are some skills that you can start during this lockdown before schools reopen. You would earn some money as a side hustle.

As said above, these skills are just for a side hustle. And there are indications that Federal government might reopen schools soon.

Please if you have any other idea or skill, feel free to add your contributions in the comment box below. You might help someone.

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