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See The Most Beautiful Palace In Nigeria. It Is Owned By A Yoruba King (Pictures)


The Iwo Kingdom is a traditional state centered in Osun State , Nigeria, on the town of Iwo. The kingdom of Yoruba, whose ruler is named “Oluwo of Iwo,” was founded in the 14th Century AD. Like all other Yoruba stock people, the Iwo people are said to have originally belonged to Ile-Ife from where they migrated in the 14th century at some point. Adekola Telu, son of the 16th Ooni of Ife, a female named Luwo Gbagida, established the earliest village. In the 16th or 17th century the present town of Iwo was founded.

Iwo Crop Cultivation

Cocoa cultivation and export is the economic mainstay of the town. North of town is grown yams, corn ( maize), cassava (manioc), and palm oil and kernels, the main staple crops. Cotton weaving and dyeing (with indigo cultivated locally) is historically significant. A central mosque and a hospital serve the mainly Muslim Iwo community. The town’s schools run a Baptist mission, Muslims, Roman Catholics, and the government. While Iwo ‘s growth was greatly enhanced by the railroad built-in 1906, traffic to the town is now mostly road-borne. Sale. Sale. (2006) Township population, 191,377.

Past Rulers of Iwo Land

Rulers of Iwo were:

Start: 1415

End: 1505

Ruler: Parin


End: 1541

Ruler: Olayilumi

Start: 1550

End: 1610

Ruler: Adegunodo

Start: 1610

End: 1673

Ruler: Olufate Gbase

Start: 1673

End: 1744

Ruler: Alawusa

Start: 1744


Ruler: Ogunmakinde

Start: 1816

End: 1906

Ruler: Monmodu Ayinla Lamuye

Start: 1906

End: 1909

Ruler: Sunmonu Osunwo


End: 1929

Ruler: Sanni Alabi Abimbola Lamuye

Start: 1929

End: 1930

Ruler: Seidu Adubiaran Lamuye

Start: 1930

End: 1939

Ruler: Abanikanda Amuda Akande

Start: 1939

End: 1952

Ruler: Kosiru Ande Lamuye

Start: 1953

End: 1957

Ruler: Raifu Ajani Adegoroye

Start: 1958

End: 1982

Ruler: Samuel Omotoso Abimbola

Start: 1992

End: 2013

Ruler: Asiru Olatunbosun Tadese

9 November 2015 Until now Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi Ilufemiloye Telu 1 from the Molaasan Royal family a sub-section of the Gbaase ruling house as the 16th Oluwo of Iwoland has been installed.

Biography of Oluwo of Iwo Land

Mr. Akanbi is from Gbaase Ruling House Molaasan Compound at Isale Oba, Iwo. He was born in Iwo, on 21 June 1967. He attended Omolewa, Oritamefa, Ibadan (1972-1978), for his elementary school and nursery and high school. He proceeded to Iwo Grammar School, Araromi, Iwo (1978-1982) and later, Idi-Ape Ibadan, Oba Akinyele Memorial High School. He has worked as a data processor, Bio-skin GMBH in Hamburg Germany (1996-2005), International Development Analyst (Oxfam Canada); traveling around the world to aid countries affected by war and catastrophe by supplying and funding relief supplies to refugees.

Mr. Akanbi also worked in Canada as Associate Director, Purdy Wharf Towers, Halifax, N.S. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Prince Enterprises, Toronto, Ontario M5H4E7 Canada; Ceo and Chairman of People Against Loneliness Inc. 508-58 Waterson Street, Toronto Ontario , Canada; Manager for West Africa (Karcher Group FutureTech) currently working to provide the Defense Ministry with future peacekeeping technology; and Managing Director, Morganz Gamo Quarry, Lagos-IbadanExpreExpre.

Mr Akanbi is fluent in Yoruba, English, French and German. He earned a B.Sc. Business Administration from George Brown College, Toronto , Ontario (2005-2009), Ordinary National Mass Communication Diploma from The Polytechnic Ibadan (1985-87), Certificate in Cybis & Axis System, Convergys Institute, Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada (2001-2005), Seismic Certificate in Operations, Oil and Gas Processing Facilities (2005).

The Palace of Iwo Oluwo appears to be the most beautiful in the world. Recently it was said the king who flaunts his vast and costly palace cost millions of naira. Palace is one of Yoruba land ‘s symbols of kings, bringing more honor and pride to the land’s king and natives. Palace serves as the abode of the king and his family, and where the chiefs and all concerned individuals of the city discuss city matters.

Settlement of land disputes, marriage conflicts, and other city participation is often handled in the palace so that the value of the palace in Yoruba land can never be overemphasized.

This is the palace of the Oluwo of Iwo, a town in Osun state.

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