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Sunday Morning To The Sound of Music


Good music has a great significance in living life…

Nothing beats that feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning to the sound of music. We all love different genres. But I am of the opinion that the older the better. Music tend to hit us differently. Some of us with flood of almost forgotten memories. Nothing preserves a moment forever like music, especially the ones that take you away from the present to the past. How far back you want to go depends on how old the music you are ready to play.

They do say nothing can stop time. And I quite agree. But good music isolate it and lock it away. When a particular song is closely knitted to your fabric of memories, you can always go back in time. It takes you back and helps you relive every bit of that moment to the extent of almost tasting that moment in your mouth and breathing the air once more. When that happens, the present is locked away; you are only in the present in body, but your subconscious is transported to the past. And that past becomes your present reality. And when you eventually got snapped out of your reverie, you come back with clear head and feel quite invigorated.

Early this morning I woke up with the Whispers and Midnight Star. I was put in a state of trance. And now that I am back, I Rock Steady, and I have got the Midas touch. I feel like everything I touch will turn to gold. Don’t sweat it if you find it hard to comprehend this post of mine; lovers of old school music can relate.

“Rock Steady” released by the Whispers; 1979
“Midas touch” by Midnight star: 1986.

Pic: The Whispers!

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