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Sunmisola part 3



An Online Christian Fiction.

©Mogbojuri, Olufunke Hadassah (The Author of *Bruised Bimbo*)

*PART 3*


“Welcome Aunty.” The house guard greeted after opening the gate for Sunmi to drive in.
“Thank you Oga Danlandi.” Sunmi waved at him and drove further to park her car in the garage. Her parents house sat on a three plots of land. Chief Olawuyi had bought the land in the early 80’s when lands where measured by how far the stone the buyer hurled, went. He had later sold off some part of the land and still had about three plots where he built his house.
Sunmi had a little garden at the far end of the compound. She planted pepper and vegetables. She had a poultry. Her father would tease her calling her “agbe” (Farmer) She parked her car and was bringing out her backpack and some documents when Danlandi, walked up to her.
“Aunty Ehhhhhh..” Danladi stuttered and scratched his head.
“What is it?” Sunmi looked at him enquiring.
“Eehn… Aunty…eehn your bloda. He come with his pamily. Mama say make I bring snail. Make I…” He tried explaining with his thick Hausa accent.
“What?” Sunmi asked wide eyed.
“Ehhn… Aunty…”
“How many did you give them?
“Walahi, I no give dem. Mama take dem herself….
“How many did she take?
“piptin. Only pitin . Pipe hundred naira tyf”
“What! Fifteen five hundred naira size? This people should know that I don’t joke with my business. They will pay for all the snails,” she stormed into the house.
“Here comes my beautiful little sister” Iririola, her elder brother said and stood up to hug her.
“Who’s pursuing you?” he asked.
All her anger melted. It’s been five years she saw him last. He was transferred to Ghana and he left with his wife and kids.
“You didn’t tell us you are coming.” Sunmi dropped her backpack on the sofa, closest to her
“But Mum and Dad knew I was coming.” He shrugged
“Ehen.” Sunmi said and turned to her father. “Dad, you didn’t tell me they were coming.”
“We wanted to make it a surprise for you…”
“Surprise indeed. Welcome. Egbon” she hugged him tight.
“Thank you. How’s work. I can see that your snail farm is expanding…”
“Ehen. That reminds me why I was storming in. Where’s the money for my snail?” she stretched her palm open towards her father pretending to be angry. They all laughed.
“You didn’t even asked for my wife and the kids..
“No family and friends in business.” Sunmi said and asked, “Where are they?”
Her brother pointed upwards. “They are upstairs with Mama.”
Sunmi ran upstairs. She could hear the bantering of the kids. “Hello oooo” she said as she pushed the door open. “Auntie Sunmieee” The oldest child and the second child, jumped on her excitedly. They were around nine and seven respectively, when they left for Ghana. The third child was two years when they left and the last child was born in Ghana. They stood looking at her like a stranger.
“Common, Sholape…” she swooped the third child off the floor. You’ve turned to a big boy.” She tickled the last child and turned to their mother. “You didn’t inform me that you are coming. I would have gone shopping for the kids…”
“It’s not late to go shopping for them yet.” Her sister in-law laughed.
They exchanged more pleasantries and She went to her room to change her dress.
She joined the family for dinner. Her mother had prepared rice with vegetable sauce garnished with snails and fish.
“Mum, you people will pay for this snail ooo. I’m not doing family and friends with my business.”
“if we are going to pay, then don’t eat out of it. Count yourself out.” Her mother joked and smirked.
Sunmi turned to her Dad, “Dad, you see your wife now abi. She was the first person who discouraged me when I wanted to start breeding snails. Now, she’s the first person to feed her guests with my produce. Always showing off that her daughter is industrious.” They all laughed.
“You know I’m proud of you. When you were going to start, I remembered I told you that snails don’t survive if they don’t live in bushes. Abi?” she turned to her husband who nodded.
“When we were growing, we simply went to the farms to pick them at night.” Chief Olawuyi added.
“But, Auntie, how do you do it that they don’t die? I thought snails don’t survive outside bushes ” Ireti, her brother’s eldest child asked.
“There are techniques for training them and there are breeds that can survive.”
“Oh! Really! I think I should learn this Dad?” She turned to her father who shrugged. “You don’t have the kind of patient that your aunt has. And, there’s space where you can do that remember?”
“You can learn. Don’t worry, I’ll ask Danlandi to put you through. I was invited to teach the skills to fresh graduates. You can come with me.” She used the opportunity to inform her her parents about the invitation from Chioma.
She turned to her brother, “ Hoe you guys have up to a Month?”
“Two months” His wife replied.
“Two months What?” Sunmi asked wide eyed. “That’s pretty long. I’ll have to put a lock on my farm then. You guys will finish my snails before you go back. Don’t come and wreck my business.” she laughed.
“Change the lock na. We will go to the chicken house.” Her mother said.
“No way Mum” She turned to her father. “Daddy, warn your wife oooo. They are selling chickens in the market . None of my chickens must miss.”
They all laughed and continued bantering, while eating.

(Stay tuned for the next part)

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