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The Chronicles of Second Hand TV, The Belgium TV


The first time I heard about Belgium goods was when my uncle got a second hand Tv.

Please if you are driving or eating, don’t read this now.

My uncle has always loved Belgium goods and the fact that there are more likely to last longer than new once is one of the few myths he held to his chest until he bought this Television.

He was advice countless times and since we were young then we knew no better, we just wanted to watch “Para Rangers”

Uncle went to market and came back with a barbecued wrapped Tv with hunched back.

He was just hitting the back with glee and saying how strong the Tv looks, everyone kept quiet as the Tv looked like it wanted to shock someone.

In my mind the way this man is hitting this Tv so, the Tv was just bringing dust, uncle said it was new arrival

He said it was semi “TEAR RUBBER”

Ok, uncle plug Tv, we hear sheeee as if Train wants to start.

Ha ha, Ha ha. Fantabulous

What’s going on, Uncle face change.

Uncle hit the Tv on the head and Tv came to life but only one side was showing the other side was showing different color like when NTA wants to start.

Alaye Oti burst ooooo.

Uncle sha hit Tv again with force and Tv partitioned into 4, up black and white and down colored.

Tv ati warey,

Everyone was hiding their laugh including Aunty as Uncle face was bringing smoke, I swear uncle head would boil egg and burn.

Uncle looked at the Tv and looked at all of us and looked at the Tv again and looked at all of us, his eyes were blood shot red.

Aunty sha made food for uncle so his mind can be calming down small small

when Uncle last born was sent to bring water, but he delayed small, see transfer of aggression, math’s that the kid failed two months ago, uncle flogged shage from his body.

Everyone gave uncle and Belgium Tv chance until two night later we were sleeping when Tv exploded.

We all ran to the sitting room and found uncle hiding behind the dining table, he was trying to fix Tv codedly when Tv blow in his face.

Uncle stood up with shame in his eyes he looked at the Tv and said, “Bloody Belgium”.

Have a great Weekend ahead.

Credit: Scofield Iden