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The Journey of Nigerian Billionaires


Lately, done Nigerians home and abroad have thrown the country Nigeria into another Crime Radar. The latest is on Hushpupi Arrest and the new Nigerians on FBI wanted list.

Many youths of today prefer to be a billionaire in a day or twinkle of an eye. They are sometimes moved by Social Media or peer pressure. With many having so many excuses for joining crime.

A Social Media User, Kay Lord compiled the journey of the notable business men who had became Billionaire with dilligent works and businesses.

Check below:

Otedola — from hawking diesel all over Nigeria with the famed Zenon branded tankers to owing multinational oil company…we know how he started.

Dangote —— from commodity trading with money borrowed from his maternal Uncle…we know how he started.

Tony Elumelu…from mere banking officer to becoming MD of STB and later UBA…we know how he started.

Adenuga…from driving taxi as a University student in the US…to hitting his first major milestone importing & distributing lace material at age 26…we know how he started.

Shobanjo…this man did not even attend an higher institution I learnt…started from the scratch from Radio Nigeria as Studio Manager. Founded insight communications, an advert agency from nothing. Revolutionalised advertising practice in Nigeria…we know how he started.

Subomi Balogun…started as a Banker after studying law…failed once in marriage, rose to become MD of a bank and later founded his own bank, the first generation merchant bank in Nigeria that later metamorphosed into the FCMB group…we know how he started.

Otudeko…the Honeywell man started as a banker…was a banker for 23 years. Retired in 1983, from his savings and borrowed money, he started business…grew Honeywell to one of the foremost industrial conglomerate in Africa…we know how he started.

Leo Stan Ekeh…a degree in Economics from an Indian University where he got interested in IT. Revolutionalised the IT industry in Nigeria by starting from the scratch numerous ICT companies…Leo Stan Ekeh is known to have spearheaded the creation of the following companies: Technology Distribution Limited, Task Systems Limited, Zinox Technologies, Buyright Africa Dotcom Limited, Task Direct Limited, ITEC Solutions and many more…we know how he started.

All these folks never became a billionaire within a year…their money can be traced…in fact, how they started is on record…for sure I know how Otedola started because a company I worked for got diesel supply from Zenon in the days of Zenon diesel tankers in the early 90s. Otedola himself would often come to my office to chase payment cheques…I knew his modest house at GRA Ikeja…

All this social media millionaire and billionaires flaunting expensive cars and homes without any trace of where and how they started is alarming and impressionable young adults are getting sucked up in this fake lifestyle.

Trending now is another billion naira social media home video…what’s her job? What does she do? All of a sudden money just came…if we talk, they would say its because you are jealous..hmmmmm

The the likes of Daddy Freeze would be abusing hardworking people making an honest living and would be praising fraudulent folks like hushpuppi that claimed he is paying his driver 700k/month.

According to Prof Niyi Osundare; “Ibi seti re’o re?” Biko consult Ekiti language dictionary for that.