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Ways To Recover Hacked Facebook Account


Your Facebook Account Is Hacked, Here Is A Way To Recover It
It is very annoying to see that your facebook account has been hacked by people that want to use it for illegal activities. These hackers can use your account to deceive your friends and then collect money from them.

There are many things that could make our facebook accounts to be hacked. Some of the things we do could give hackers access to our facebook accounts. Below are some of the activities.

It is not advisable to be clicking on every link you see on social media platforms. Some links will ask you to login to your facebook account and by doing so, they could collect your facebook details and hack your account.

2) Not having a strong password:
Some naive people prefer using their phone numbers as their password knowing that their phone numbers can be seen by everybody on facebook.

If your facebook account is hacked, here is a way to recover it.

Easy way to recover your hacked facebook account.

Immediately you suspect that your facebook account has been hacked, try to login and click on “forgot password”. Facebook will require you to choose a password recovery method.

You have to choose whether it will be through a text message, your email address or through a phone call. Remember that the phone number and the email address should be the same as the ones you used to open the facebook account.

A new code will be sent to your phone number or email address, kindly use the code to reset your password and then recover your hacked facebook account.