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We the Youngest mother in Africa


Teenage and pre-mature pregnancies have over the decade become a problem not only in Kenya but also in Africa as a whole. The cases keep increasing each time and it is shocking that kids below and ten years are getting affected. As many African governments seek to reduce these cases, many children especially from rural areas are not getting the attention they need so as to increase their awareness.

Kenya has so far managed to produce the youngest mother in Africa, Gladys Chelagat who is but 10 years old. Although there is another 9 year old who gave birth at the Kenyatta Hospital in August 2018, she remained unidentified due to legal reasons making Gladys to be known as the youngest mother ever in Africa. She is not so far from the youngest mother in the world who gave birth at five years, a record that has never been broken eighty years after she gave birth.

Chelagat gave birth on 27TH June 2015 in Kericho District Hospital through Caesarean birth to a 2.8 kg child. She was allegedly assaulted by her 60 year old guardian and caretaker since childhood and it is not clear whether action was taken against him. She was a student at Chemamul Academy and as pictures of her holding her baby circulated all over social media, many were shocked and angry at the injustice done to her.

It is actually sad that many of these pregnancies are caused by older adults who are supposed to take care of these children. What is even sadder is that little or no legal action is taken against these assaulters making it fruitless to try and eliminate these pre-mature pregnancies. More awareness should be raised by the government and legal action taken against these people so as to claim the lives of these African children back