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In a year where the emergence of coronavirus pandemic have mounted pressure on the economy and the society seem handicapped. Every man is trying to keep himself safe but still scared of the unknown that awaits them post lockdown. Many companies will have to let go of some staffs and some might have to settle for a long time pay cut so as to keep the company working. In the midst of all these, the question that keeps looming in the mind of the citizens is how can we survive this?
Start something new: Starting something new has to do with thinking outside the box. Yes? You have to think of what product or service that will be highly needed in the society once the lockdown is fully over. Trying new business doesn’t require capital these days because of social media. All you have to do is Create relationship with dealers, advertise their product of social media platform, once it is being ordered for, you take it from the dealer, deliver and collect your profit. Though it might look small but you just started something new.
Change your friends: My greatest regret is not associating with people with entrepreneurial mindset when I had enough capital to start my business. It’s funny but true. If the company of friends you keep doesn’t challenge you to become a better you day by day, then you are not in the right group. Warren buffet and bill gates are friends, they’ve given speeches at seminars and both are among the top 6 richest men in the world. Isn’t that interesting?
Believe in your self: the truth is none of these will work if you don’t believe in what you can do. You have to see yourself as a strong engine of possibilities, because doubting your ability is like suicide. Try to outdo what you’ve done, don’t get contented with your last achievement.
Focus and Patience: When trying something new, sometimes the result might not be as expected. Don’t worry keep head straight, continue doing what you are doing and be patient because definitely one day it will yield massive reward.
Feel free to comment or add other post lockdown survival tips, as we are all in it together