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When Policemen Were Good


It was 9pm at Muritala International Airport motor way, and my car was already showing symptoms of disappointment. It stopped and moved again, it stopped and moved again. Then it stopped and moved no more.

I became so devastated, my brother’s flight was for 9:30pm. ‘How do I get to him and move out of this point of no where?’ were thoughts in my mind.

As a Remo man, I am always scared of going beyond Ikeja whenever I am in Lagos. This fear was an offshoot of my experience with LASMA in 2014 when I had to pay 80k as penalty.

I quickly opened my car and brought out my universal vehicle c-caution. I didn’t know what to do. My only companion was my wife. She asked ‘what do we do now?’ I called one of my Lagos friends if he could direct anyone (a mechanic) to us, but to no avail due to the lateness of time.

We was almost closed to glimmer of hopelessness when a police’s patrol vehicle stopped by. ‘What are you doing here Sir and why are you parked like this?’ _ the Officer in charge asked.

‘I didn’t parked Sir, my car just developed a fault. And I don’t know what to do. Please can you help with a mechanic?’_I asked

The junior officer said ‘no o, i can’t think of any.’

The officer in charge said ‘bring your key.’ He looked like an experienced driver. He attempted starting the vehicle. But discovered it won’t start without a mechanic or a rewire work on it.

So he asked one of his boys about a mechanic known to them. They said he must be home by now. He brought out his phone and ringed him. As predicted, the man was home.

He said ‘ sorry he’s home already. But I will try and see what to do.’ The patrol van left. It was almost some minutes to 10pm. Then not more than 20minutes after, I saw a young man, he claimed to be a mechanic. I was amazed when he narrated how the police officers brought him down to help us.

Within me, I couldn’t believe my ears. Not up to 2minutes the patrol van came, ‘have you resolved it?’ _the officer in charge asked.

‘Yes Sir, I am almost done.’_The Mechanic responded.

I thanked the officers for their kindness as they drove off. That was the first time policemen would do something for me for free. And perhaps, that was my first pleasant experience with policemen.

I left that point, picked my brother and throughout the night, I ruminated about such kindness and generosity.

It is true that most police officers are bad, but there are still some good ones. Perhaps, if policemen are well remunerated, their corrupt tendencies might reduce.

It is my prayer God to provide, protect and elevate all the good eggs in the basket of Nigerian Police. Amen.

Image Source: The New Humanitarian
Credit: Poet Adedara Odoguwa