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Who is the Government? It’s You and I!


You don’t call out the president, You don’t call out the governor, You don’t know you have local government chairman. You don’t call out the councillors. Even the state house of assembly members you forget them. Your house of rep members, you forget they exist!

Your senator nko?


They all collect salary for doing nothing and you refuse to engage them or make them responsive. Take it from me, you are government and you are part of the problem.


We sit down and analyse news daily from our phone. We don’t do jack about it In Real life. Your landlord association chairman in your area do you know him? The security in your area do you know who they are by face and name ? The executive of the landlord association do you know them ? Government is not FG, SG and LG, Government is you.


What are you doing In your own capacity. How are you being responsive in your community and how are you holding the people in your community accountable. Do you ensure your neighbor doesn’t throw dirt in your drainage? Do you report funny behaviour and strange faces when you see them?


You pay landlord association due and security due but you don’t care about who watches over you when you sleep and ‘you think say you dey alright Kwa?’ You pay area development due and pass area everyday but can’t see what they use the money to do but he no concern you.


Government has failed yes we know. NobOdy is arguing that with you but what are you doing about it ? Pressing phone ? When election time comes, same you will stay at home and monitor from your bedroom without voting but come out and say rigging.


We need to push for a change in our society and that starts from us. We can pressure Government all all level to responsive. We can make civil service and government workers responsive. We can ensure that the system works by always pushing for the right thing and standing for the right thing. We need to change our orientation and that of our neighbours. We can’t continue like this. Accountability at all levels and all spheres is the way forward.