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Will this makeup artist make heaven? See this ladies nose that people are reacting to


Will This Makeup Artist Make Heaven? See This Ladies Nose That People Are Reacting To

by Agbaje Opeyemi

Jun 19, 2020 4:08pm

Will This makeup artist make heaven? See This Ladies Nose That people are reacting to

We have seen makeup artist doing great things on peoples face, that sometimes you won’t even recognize the person after wearing the makeup.

Makeup have led individuals mostly men astray thinking that the person they met is very beautiful, only to see the person’s face after she most have removed the makeup.

Looking at this ladies face you, might think that they are different persons due to the nose reduction. It is the same persons, but the makeup was done by a professional, with the help of contouring. That is the power of makeup.

Men should not go into relationship based on facial beauty, with the help of makeup anybody can look beautiful. Date her for who she is not her outward look, imagine her taking off the makeup, only to see her real face will you still continue with the relationship?Will this makeup artist make heaven? This makeup she did for this ladies can lead a man astray. People are reacting to the makeup mostly the nose. See reactions below.

What is your say on the makeup artist, do you think she will make heaven?

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