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Wonderful: Nigerian cross-dresser James Brown says “I was called by the Lord”


The Nigerian social media space now seems to be a safe space for cross-dressers in the country as more of them continue to come out of the closet and showcase themselves.

Gone were the days when these people faces so much criticism as many of them now have fans who look up to them and enjoy their content on social media.

One of such people is the popular young cross-dresser known as James Brown. The young man became an internet sensation after a video where he was arrested by policemen alongside others and paraded for being suspected to be gay, made the rounds on social media.

James Brown who is also known as ‘they didn’t caught me’ on social media took to his Instagram page to address those who still call him names and hurl insults at him.

According to the young dancer, these people insult him because they do not understand him. James also said that he was called by the Lord.

He continued that God called him to be a leader by giving youths and teenagers’ motivation to be courageous. He wrote:

“Most people call me all sort names because they don’t understand me, they don’t feel me, they don’t see what The LORD see in me because you all think am doing what I feel like doing but no, I was called by THE LORD.

This is my calling to be a leader, giving the youth/ teenager to be who they what to be to be courageous, selfless, confident, outspoken, and fearless. I AM THE CHOSEN ONE.”

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