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Would history repeat itself? Magu Case vs Ribadu Case


I have read excerpts of the presidential panel report which seemingly indicted Magu and which was leaked to the press. No doubt, Magu was also being served the usual meal he used to serve others while holding sway at the EFCC with his media trials. That has always been the style of the EFCC right from the time of Nuhu Ribadu.

However, l have lived long enough to know that there are two sides to a coin. The report did not give Magu’s side of the story. So, in the spirit of audi alteram partem, one needs to hear Magu’s side in order to make an informed opinion.

Once upon a time, during the government of president Yar’Adua, there was a man called Michael Andoakaa, SAN, his Attorney-General and Minister of Justice. He was so powerful. As AGF, he also had a running battle with Nuhu Ribadu, the EFCC Chairman. He wanted the EFCC Chairman to clear most high-profile cases with him. Ribadu demurred.

Eventually, they got Ribadu removed and sent to NIPS. At that time, they similarly tried to rubbish Ribadu by lying that he bought houses in Dubai.

Fast forward. Yar’Adua died and the all-powerful Andoakaa was fired by Jonathan. His travails didn’t end there. Olasupo Ojo, then president of Committee for the protection of Human Rights(CDHR), petitioned the legal practitioners privileges committee, detailing serial acts of unprofessional misconducts of Andoakaa as Attorney General, demanding that his SAN title be withdrawn.

The body investigated the matter and Andoakaa’s SAN title was withdrawn for six months. Today, Andoakaa is now a farmer, having fallen from grace to grass. Is someone listening? Would history repeat itself?

Credit: Richard Akinola