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Your phone and your eyes


There has been one time or the other when we operate our phones for long periods, especially at night, the thrill of browsing through your Facebook news-feed, the laughter when you play that funny YouTube video, the memories you cherish on Instagram, the savages you give on twitter, or is it attending that online class or chatting with friends. Our phones gives us the necessary distraction away from the world, plunging us into a virtual world of fun and delight, others even use it to make income by several online businesses, but your phone is not a friend of your eyes.

You must have heard of the legendary Blue-light. It causes eye strain and also degeneration of cells on your retina leading to a gradual loss of sight. Your phone sadly emits this blue light. How then can you protect your eye sight especially for the phone attached individuals most of us are, here are four ways;

Use of filters

Some screen filters (screen guard as it is commonly known) in the market help restrict blue light emission from your phone. They are very effective but individuals complain that it becomes quite difficult to operate their phone in sunny places.

Use of blue light filter settings

Some phones come with these settings and it isn’t there for fashion, use them. If your phone has no such setting, you can install a blue light filter from your appropriate store.

Holding your device a specific way

When operating your phone, try not to hold it straight at your face, bend it at an angle. Blue light travels in a straight line, this will help reduce the amount of it getting to your eyes.

Use special blue light glasses

This is the most expensive option but the most convenient, using these glasses reduce the blue light reaching your eyes to a bare minimum.